May Preview #8


Yandere Simulator Development Blog

The next build isn’t ready yet, but I have good news! We’ve had a breakthrough today!

First, a bit of backstory is in order. For those of you who don’t know this, Yandere-chan’s current character model is a store-bought model from the Unity Asset Store. The same goes for Rival-chan, Senpai-Kun, and even the Basu sisters. These characters come with numerous outfits and around 60 animations, which is what makes them perfect for prototyping a game.

Over the past 25 months that the game has been in development, I have run into problems when attempting to modify the characters’ clothing. It has proven very easy to change the characters’ textures, but when attempting to change the characters’ geometry, I’ve always run into…problems.

Adding or deleting polygons screws up the skin-weights, which results in the characters transforming into bizarre “Eldritch Monstrosities”. I tried…

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